7 Chome Kyoboshi
Standout Dish: Green Asparagus Tempura
Last Year's Position: #52
Michelin Stars: 2
Head Chef: Shigeya Sakakibara
Address: Ozio Building 6F, 5-9-9 Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
Phone:+81 3 3572 3568

This unassuming tempura restaurant has been serving their homemade style of this dee- fried favorite since 1952.

Little has changed in the cooking style at 7 Chome Kyoboshi, and their succulent recipes passed from one generation to the next have received acclaim from all corners of the globe.

Just ten guests are arranged around a simple wooden counter where the chef whips up small plates of light, bite-sized tempura that transform the simplest ingredient into something utterly sublime.

(Image Credit: © Andy Hayler)

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