The 11 Best Restaurants in Prague

The city of a hundred spires has a proud history of serving its nation’s cuisine, including favorites such as beef and pork dumplings, rice and potato side dishes, the classic Smažený Sýr (fried cheese) and Hungarian-influenced Guláš. With the regional fare certainly a highlight of dining in Prague, a great number of superb international restaurants have touched down in Prague in recent years. Elite Traveler recommends some of the best restaurants in the Czech capital.


In the Four Seasons Prague, CottoCrudo’s kitchen delivers the most refined Italian dishes in the capital. Modern Italian fare, including fresh seafood and homemade pasta, is served in a stylish urban setting. Executive Chef Leonardo Di Clemente puts a modern twist on his Italian background for a taste of “Little Italy in Prague.” During warmer summer days the restaurant will open its doors and invite guests outside to enjoy lunch or dinner on the picturesque riverside terrace.