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Seafood treats at Manta Ray

Style / Ambiance: With a cheerful motto of ‘incurable optimism’, a fiercely loyal following and a wonderful beach location right at the edge of the sea, Manta Ray is a fun, informal and memorable dining experience.

While the location is undoubtedly the star, the restaurant’s fresh and delicious meze and seafood dishes are imaginative, surprising and full of flavor. You might find yourself trying something new, or enjoying an unusual combination of ingredients. This clever, expertly crafted menu is the perfect accompaniment to the view, which is best enjoyed from the inviting, wide-open terrace. Head to Manta Ray for an invigorating beach breakfast or book a terrace table for dinner and enjoy the freshest local seafood in front of a glorious ocean sunset.

Avi and Ofra Ganor

+972 3 517 4773

Alma Beach