Drop Dead Gorgeous: ASHOKA

79-001193_web-feature_image_approved_725x557Nothing quite prepares you for the first time you see it. The largest, most exquisite ASHOKA® diamond ever cut. Forty-eight breathtaking carats, suspended from a necklace of 39 perfectly matched and graduated ASHOKA® diamonds. All in all, the ASHOKA® Diamond Drop Necklace totals over 90 carats of one of the world’s most coveted diamonds.

Introduced in 1999 by William Goldberg, the ASHOKA® diamond’s incomparable radiance comes from a perfect balance of reflected and refracted light. Its elegant, elongated shape and precisely rounded corners capture the light and transform it with breathtaking intensity. ASHOKA® is a stunning affirmation of William Goldberg’s vision – extraordinary, exquisite and filled with joy.

Explore the ASHOKA® Diamond Collection and discover the fascinating story behind The Diamond of Legend.