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Sepharad Spain: A Journey Through Spain's Jewish Heritage

View PDF The Jewish community in Spain has a long and rich history that stretches back some 2,000 years to Roman times when Jews left Jerusalem and...

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Kim Kardashian Loves The Riviera Nayarit

It’s hard to resist the natural charm and the luxury offered by Punta Mita, also known as the Riviera Nayarit’s Glamour Peninsula. Kim Kardashian fell prey once again, as she returned to spend a few days of her summer vacation […]

Los Cabos: The Best of the Best

The definition of the perfect vacation destination differs for everyone. Some may prefer relaxation and rejuvenation, while others seek excitement and adventure outside of their everyday lives. Los Cabos, located on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, has the perfect environment […]


  JULY 27 – AUGUST 5, 2014 The Antigua Carnival is a ten-day celebration of music and dance held annually on the island from late July until the first Tuesday of August. You will be sure to encounter colorful costumes, […]



  JULY 26, 2014 Japanese hanaibi (fireworks) displays are more extravagant than most of those in Western cultures and this event is the highlight of the summer. The oldest fireworks festival on record, dating back to the 18th century, it […]


  JULY 25 – AUGUST 30, 2014 Paying tribute to Lucca-born composer Giacomo Puccini, the Puccini Festival is held every summer in an open-air theater next to Puccini’s former home, Villa Mausoleum. Established in 1930, the festival now attracts 40,000 […]

Viceroy Maldives

Duplex Beach Villa Why We Love It: Looking at it from the outside, the villa is reminiscent of an inverted hull of a Maldivian dhoni, or traditional fishing boat, with its unique rounded roof that comes to a point at […]


  JULY 19 – 20, 2014 To give thanks for the end of the 1576 plague, the Doge Alvise Mocenigo promised to build the new church Il Redentore, which can be accessed during the festival via a 330 meter pontoon […]


  JULY 18 – 26, 2014 Taking place each year on the banks of the Rhine, the Basel Tattoo is a unique experience and a true highlight for any elite traveler visiting Basel. This military display involves a cast of […]

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