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An Exclusive Tropical Beauty Look from William Murphy

William Murphy, the makeup artist for our cover story shot in Palm Beach, creates an exclusive look for Elite Traveler readers to try out on their next tropical vacation. Here, a subtle eye with an expressive lashline lets a bold, flirty lip color do all the talking. To achieve the look, start with clean and perfect-looking skin by using Clé […]

Spa of the Week: Spa at Ayana

By Olivia Cuccaro When it’s time for tranquility, Bali is always the right answer. Ayana Resort & Spa is an island escape where you can unwind amidst the greenery of tropical gardens and calm waves of the Indian Ocean. The property features an expansive spa complex, which includes three areas to meet all your pampering needs: Ayana’s Thermes Marins Bali […]

Spa of the Week: Remède Spa at The St. Regis Bahía Beach Resort

By Kristen Shirley Remède Spa at The St. Regis Bahía Beach Resort in Puerto Rico is an elegant, tropical sanctuary offering world-class treatments, including some inspired by Puerto Rico’s traditions that use local ingredients. Upon entering, you are greeted with a glass of champagne and walked to the outdoor relaxation areas. The separate men’s and women’s relaxation areas have steam rooms, saunas, outdoor […]

Luxury Spa St. Regis Puerto Rico

Louis Vuitton’s First Fragrance Pop-Up in US

By Olivia Cuccaro Scents are sensual business. A gift of perfume for Valentine’s Day can be deeply personal, an ode to femininity and emotion. For the perfect fragrance, Louis Vuitton’s pop-up shop is now open at South Coast Plaza in California. The brand’s first fragrance pop-up in the Americas, the venue celebrates Les Parfums Louis Vuitton—its first perfume launch in […]

City Dweller? How Pollution Affects Your Hair

While we love the glitz and glamour of city life, many of us know living in a city comes with its downfalls – one of those being pollution. City pollution is a sure-fire way to induce premature aging, not just of the skin, but of our hair too. The shaft of the hair (i.e. the visible part) is ‘dead’, however, […]

NYDG Launches Skincare Line

By Olivia Cuccaro Skin can be a sensitive topic. With so many high-end products on the market, it’s often difficult to know what will do the trick. In a world where pollution and sun damage make skin less tolerant of harsher formulas, the experts at New York Dermatology Group have formulated a line to heal and repair all skin types […]

Forever Young: Must-Know Anti-Aging Tips

Aging is an inevitable process. After the age of 20, skin produces about 1% less collagen each year. By the age of 40, your skin’s lymphatic system slows down leaving you with puffy, lack lustre skin, as well as, a significant lose of elasticity. With an abundance of products, treatments and tips on how to keep your skin youthful and […]

Elite Style List: Fashion, Beauty & Beyond

From fashion, beauty, wellness and more, the Editors at Elite Traveler have picked their favorite products of late. So if you’re looking for some shopping inspiration, look no further than this week’s fabulous style edit.

Beauty SOS: How to Combat Jet Lagged Skin

Dry cabin air and germ-laden surfaces on airplanes, can leave our skin dehydrated, parched and prone to break-outs. (Not to mention, dull and fatigued by touch down.) Short-haul or long-haul, being on a plane is truly an equation for a skincare disaster, but fear not, there are many effective ways to combat the struggle. Our 4-2-4 Traveler sets are back in […]

Winter Hair Survival Guide: How to Cure Dry Hair

There’s no doubt that winter brings drying conditions for our hair. Cold weather and central heating can cause our follicles to break more often, turn brittle and lose sheen. So we tapped into the brains of hair experts to get their top tips for surviving our winter hair woes. Here are the winter hair fixes you need to know… Haircare Switch to a moisturizing […]