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The Secret to Stress-Free Aging

By Jo Foley This story originally appeared in the Hotels, Resorts and Spas issue of Elite Traveler. Need help managing the process of aging? Spas around the world offer a wealth of programs designed to do just that. It’s a three-letter word that causes more anxiety and panic than any word three times its length: age. As a noun, “age” describes […]

Women’s Style: Stripes

By Kristen Shirley While sporty stripes are always in style, this season designers gave us more elegant versions that are perfect for your warm-weather getaways. You might know him for his evening dresses, but New York designer Prabal Gurung also has excellent daywear. Here, he pairs a sporty striped dress with a silk-chiffon skirt peeking out underneath. Wear the dress […]

Where to Find the World’s Most Expensive Coffee

By Lauren Jade Hill It’s been widely publicized for a number of years that the world’s most expensive coffee is Kopi Luwak, the Indonesian variety in which the beans are fermented by passing through civet cats before being dried and roasted. But with ethical concerns surrounding this variety, many coffee connoisseurs would rather look elsewhere for a rare cup of […]

Most Expensive Coffee

Make a Promise with Louis Vuitton

By Olivia Cuccaro Adorning a loved one with a special piece of jewelry is a gesture not to be forgotten. Even more memorable is selecting a gift whose purpose goes far beyond the jewelry itself. Today, Louis Vuitton launches its first #makeapromise day to raise money for children in need with its Silver Lockit collection. In 2016, Louis Vuitton partnered […]

Obligatory Me-Time: 9 Ways to Relax and Unwind

Taking care of yourself is a necessity, not a luxury. Our lives are stressful enough, and with the busy holiday season a faint memory away it’s time to take some time out to relax and regain our energy for the New Year ahead. For instant happiness, try these top expert tips. Have a luxury soak If everyone made it their […]

Men’s Trend: Cable Knit

By Olivia Cuccaro What started as the rugged choice for men at sea has transformed into a gentlemanly garment ideal for looking stylish while keeping warm. From classic neutrals to patterns and bright colors, the cable knit sweater is every man’s winter must. Etro cable knit cashmere sweater, $1,100, Click through the gallery to see Elite Traveler editor’s picks […]

The Best Wine Clubs to Join in 2017

By Lauren Jade Hill As many wine connoisseurs could undoubtedly agree, when you fall for a particular variety, it can be tempting to reach for the same label time after time. But discovering new, lesser known grapes and estates can be even more satisfying, with the most outstanding wine clubs making exploring new varieties a breeze. We take a look […]

Fat Cork

Brand Profile: Manufacture Royale

By Kristen Shirley This article originally appeared in the January/February 2017 issue of Elite Traveler. Watch companies are proud of their heritage and longevity. While Manufacture Royale’s modern era is quite new, its pedigree is special. The famous philosopher Voltaire founded Manufacture Royale in 1770, to create watches that reflected his values. It closed when he died, and reopened in 2010. […]

Manufacture Royale

Jewelry Trend: Coral

By Kristen Shirley Coral jewelry is increasingly precious due to overfishing and the effects of climate change. Its sourcing and trade is highly regulated, and rightly so. From soft pinks to the highly sought-after deep reds, our pick of coral pieces from prestigious jewelry houses allows you to wear the stunning pieces without a weight on your conscience. Bulgari Diva’s Dream High Jewelry earrings […]

11 Best Nail Colors For Winter: Sparkle this Party Season

There’s nothing more satisfying than buying a new shade of gorgeous lacquer. And with festivities in full swing, there’s no better time to update your manicure. This season is all about sparkly golds and silvers, eye-catching glitter and warm and rich berry colors. For us though, quality is just as important as the color. These long lasting, luxury polishes will […]