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Top 6 Luxury Transport Services

By Codelia Mantsbo Since the automobile was first invented, there has always been a growing interest with the most elite methods of land travel. Today, there are a plethora of luxury transport services available for the discerning elite traveler. While driving luxury cars with turbocharged engines and leather clad interiors depicts lavish living, chauffeur driven vehicles are considered the embodiment […]


7 of the World’s Most Luxurious Cars

If you’re looking to invest in a luxury car we want to make sure you get everything and more. Our findings of these vehicles’ hand crafted luxury materials and first rate motor abilities caught our eye. Created with only the finest ingredients, these luxury cars, from sporty Porsches to classic Bentleys, are sure to tick all the boxes in your pursuit […]

Image: Rolls-Royce

First Drive: 2017 Bentley Mulsanne

By Richard Cree   How do you improve on perfection? That was the challenge Bentley set themselves when they came to upgrade the company’s flagship, the Mulsanne. The somewhat prosaic answer is to create something more refined, with a more powerful engine, improve impeccable steering and handling and throw in some clever gadgets, including reclining rear seats. And this is exactly what the Bentley wizards did. When reviewing the previous Mulsanne, the […]


The Mono Marine Edition: A Supercar Fit for a Superyacht

By Codelia Mantsebo BAC’s Mono single-seat sports car has been re-engineered specifically for use on super-yachts. Powered by a 305bhp 2.5-litre 4-cylinder petrol engine, it’s the only-seat speedster constructed for all times on the seven seas. The identical engine to BAC’s Mono enables the Marine Edition to succeed in 62mph in 2.8 seconds and with a prime velocity of 170mph. […]

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Hot Wheels on Ice

The motoring world continues to go crazy for SUVs and one of the most eagerly awaited arrivals in the category is Bentley’s Bentayga. But how much of a rugged off roader will it be? The company clearly has confidence in the new model’s off-road credentials, as it will take a starring role in the annual ice-driving challenge, Power on Ice. Running through February […]

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Could This be Qatar’s First Supercar?

By Codelia Mantsebo Billed as Qatar’s first supercar, the Elibriea concept debuted at the 2016 Qatar Motor Show on January 28. The super speedy and super aerodynamic supercar could have a production model on sale by December. Elibriea, whose concept and development belongs to 27 year-old Abdul Wahab Ziaullah, will be available for pre-order in March with deliveries set to […]


Volvo Cars and Ericsson Will Let You Watch Netflix in its Autonomous Cars

Volvo Cars and Ericsson are already looking to the future by developing intelligent media streaming for self driving cars. As previously reported by Elite Traveler, last year saw Volvo unveil Concept 26, a driverless car which the Swedish automotive group expects to have on the streets of Gothenburg by 2017. When Concept 26 was initially announced, Robin Page, Vice President […]

Concept 26

Electrifying Porsche

One of the surprise stars of this year’s Frankfurt motor show was an all-electric affair from Porsche. Looking like a futuristic update of the 911, the Mission E is a sign that carmakers are taking the electric revolution seriously. Its ultra-exclusive 918 hybrid got into production, and the odds on something like this concept hitting the road must be short. […]

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Volvo Unveils Concept 26 – The Car of the Future

By Zahra Al-Kateb Driverless cars could become the norm sooner than we think, thanks to Volvo’s latest concept design. Concept 26 – named after the average daily commute to work of 26 minutes – is an autonomous concept vehicle that sets out to bring choice and freedom back to the driver by allowing them to delegate the driving to the […]

Concept 26