From molecular gastronomy to the classic coq au vin, elite dining is one of the biggest joys of a private jet lifestyle. Join us as we explore the world’s best restaurants.

Chef Thomas Keller on Making the Emotional Connection

By Roberta Naas This story originally appeared in the May/June 2017 issue of Elite Traveler. Award-winning chef Thomas Keller is a king in the culinary world. With three Michelin stars for two of his restaurants and long waiting lines at his others,Keller has come to define eating as an emotional connection by offering the finest experience imaginable. And, as he explains […]

Cocktail of the Week: World Whisky Day

By Olivia Cuccaro Single malt, single grain or blended, this Saturday honors whiskies from around the globe. Early distillation in Scotland is just part of the spirit’s rich history – taxation gave rise to moonshine in Great Britain, sour mash revolutionized American bourbon and the Coffey still streamlined whisky production in Ireland and beyond. Take it neat, on the rocks or […]

Cocktail of the Week: Cinco de Mayo Cocktails

By Olivia Cuccaro Rooted in Mexican history, Cinco de Mayo celebrates the country’s culture as well as its main spirit. Tequila, named for the city in Jalisco, was first produced in the 16th century and continues to be distilled from agave plants in the region today. Ranging from clear or “silver” to an amber color, tequila is a versatile spirit that […]

Results Are In: Elite Traveler Top 100 Restaurants 2017

Elite Traveler, in association with Grey Goose has announced the world’s best dining destinations, voted by the Elite Traveler readers for the sixth consecutive year. This year, the readers voted the best restaurants in a total of 62 different cities and towns, from San Francisco to São Paulo and Chicago to Hong Kong. Topping the list for the very first […]

According to Andy Hayler: The Top 100 Restaurants in the World

By Andy Hayler The Elite Traveler Top 100 restaurants awards has now been announced. The key thing about this list is that it not decided by a group of chefs or journalists but rather by paying customers, those globe-trotting people that read Elite Traveler. This is important because many well-known restaurant lists can be regarded as rather suspect, in some […]

The 7 Best Restaurants in Bali

By Lauren Jade Hill With its bountiful local produce, rich culinary identity and wealth of breathtaking scenery, Bali has an abundance of outstanding places in which to sample the island’s fare. We take a look at the seven best restaurants in Bali for both local and international cuisine. Locavore As its name suggests, this fine dining restaurant in Ubud places […]

Best Restaurants in Bali

The Hyde Bar: A Gem Off the Beaten Path

By Vivian Kelly The Hyde Bar at the Royal Park Hotel is a unique haunt located just a short walk from Hyde Park and just a stone’s throw away from Kensington Palace and the Royal Albert Hall. With gorgeous views of Westbourne Terrace, once hailed the ‘finest street in London’, diners are assured an intimate and private member’s club feel, away from the […]

The 5 Best Restaurants in Nice

By Lauren Jade Hill Owing to its French culinary heritage and bountiful local produce, Nice and the coast it lies on abounds with outstanding eateries, with a constellation of Michelin stars between them. Here on the French Riviera, many of the best restaurants overlook the azure water, while others can be found tucked amidst picturesque streets and within verdant gardens. […]

Best Restaurants in Nice

The 3 Best Restaurants in Sharjah

From authentic Moroccan cuisine to contemporary Lebanese fare, Sharjah has an array of stand-out eateries that combine outstanding menus with convivial surroundings. Here’s our pick of the best restaurants in Sharjah. El Manza Located on the Al Majaz waterfront, El Manza opens out a terrace overlooking Sharjar Fountain. Inside, the dining space then fuses elegant Moroccan design features with contemporary […]

Prime Introduces Caviar Experience in Sydney

By Olivia Cuccaro Caviar adds an element of elegance to any restaurant’s menu. The up-and-coming Australian fine dining scene has been done one better by the debut of a luxury caviar selection at one of Sydney’s best known dining establishments. On the heels of introducing a seven-course meat degustation menu last year, Prime steakhouse restaurant is now serving an array […]