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Join the only man to have eaten at all of the world's three Michelin Star restaurants, as he explores and discusses the world's finest cuisine.

Andy Hayler Reviews Combal Zero

Combal Zero is set in a wing of Rivoli’s castle, which is so old that its original date of building is unclear, but was probably in the 10th century. Combal Zero currently has a single star in the Michelin guide, though for several years it held two, losing the second star in the 2016 guide. Combal Zero is known for […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Hedone

By Andy Hayler Editor’s note: since October 2015 onwards Hedone offers a choice of two tasting menus only, with a restricted number of covers (22) in order to allow the kitchen to focus to an ever greater extent on quality. Dinner will be offered from Tuesday to Saturday, lunch on Saturday only. The tasting menu is £85, the longer catre […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Hotel de Ville

By Andy Hayler Hotel de Ville has an illustrious culinary history, gaining three Michelin stars under Fredy Girardet, Philippe Rochat and then Benoit Violier. Following the latter’s tragic death in January 2016 the leadership of the kitchen has transferred to Benoit’s long time right-hand man, Franck Giovannini. Franck has worked in the kitchen here for many years, and so a […]

Andy Hayler Reviews State Bird Provisions

By Andy Hayler The state bird of California is the quail. It could be worse: in Minnesota it is the loon. The speciality of quail here explains the rather esoteric name of this restaurant, which opened on New Years Eve in 2012 and quickly became a cult success. It ticks all the “too cool for school” boxes. Small plates? Check. […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Acquerello

By Andy Hayler This Italian restaurant opened in 1989, with its maître d’ being the co-founder Giancarlo Paterlini. The other co-founder is the chef Suzette Gresham, who grew up locally and worked at the San Francisco hotel Donatello before opening Acquarello. The restaurant was granted a Michelin star in 2007 and a second in 2015.  It is in Russian Hill, […]

Andy Hayler Reviews Nuance

By Andy Hayler Nuance opened in 2008, situated in the little town of Duffel near Antwerp, noted mainly for its invention of the heavy woolen cloth that is used to make the familiar duffel coat. Just in case any visitors had missed this connection, there is a large status of a figure in a duffel coat on a roundabout as […]

Hidden Gems – Jacobs, Hamburg

It is hard to imagine the industrial setting of the port of Hamburg being the home to fine classical cuisine, yet on the banks of the Elbe not far from the docks is the haven that is Jacobs. This restaurant is set in an 18th century merchant’s house, the dining room and terrace looking directly out on to the river […]

Viva Las Vegas

The bright lights of Las Vegas are reflected in the culinary stars that have set up outposts there. Here you will find restaurants from celebrity chefs in America as well as some of the most famous cooks in Europe, all keen to cash in on the success of America’s sin city. Las Vegas is now the third busiest US destination […]

Las Vegas

Private Dining in Hyderabad

In the early 20th century, the Nizam of Hyderabad was the richest man in the world, noted for his eccentricity (he used the 184-carat Victoria Diamond as an office paperweight). He purchased Falaknuma Palace from his prime minister, who had gone bankrupt by the cost of its building. Set 2,000 feet up on a hillside with a commanding view over Hyderabad, India’s fourth largest city, the marble palace […]

Private Dining in Paris

Guy Savoy is an iconic French chef, one of a select group (others were Paul Bocuse, Pierre Troisgros, and Michel Guerard) who transformed high-end French cooking in the 1970s. These chefs rebelled against the strictures of the rich, classic French cuisine codified by Escoffier, and started cooking a lighter style of food, with natural flavors and greater emphasis on presentation. […]