About Elite Traveler

ETJANThe world is changing fast. And nowhere is that more true than in the fast-paced and increasingly global luxury market.

Those who operate in this market are under constant pressure to keep in step with the highly kinetic global ultra high net worth audience. This means a luxury brand needs to think innovatively and creatively.

As an established luxury icon, Elite Traveler magazine is no stranger to innovation and creativity. An ethos that is as true today, as it was in its launch. Since 2001, Elite Traveler magazine has been a byword for excellence in the luxury market and, in order to never stand still, 2015 will see the magazine deliver an exciting new re-launch.

Elite Traveler have partnered with leading creative and editorial minds from across our global network to devise a rebooted Elite Traveler magazine that will offer ultra-high-net-worth private jet travelers the most engaging and captivating offering in the market.

The new-look will build on our leading insight and unique position as the magazine of the private jet flyer and deliver a complete mix of editorial aimed at offering readers the need to know elements at the heart of a luxury lifestyle.

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